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Entrance Exam

Entrance Exam is open every Saturday 8:30 A.M.

MAS is open to incoming:
Grade 7, 8 (Junior High)
Grade 11 (Senior High)
Pre-College (High School Graduates or those currently in college)
How to take the exam: 1. Please reserve your preferred date of exam by calling us at 463-0132. 2. Entrance Exam starts at 8:30am. The fee is only Php100. Kindly bring your own pen. 3. The basic requirements are the following: - Baptismal Certificate - Photopy of the latest grades
- 3 copies of 2x2 pictures
- Medical Certificate - Recommendation from the Parish Priest
- Recommendation from the school (see the link below for quick form)
After the entrance exam, you will be notified for the schedule of the live-in orientation and interview which will be the final phase of the admission process.
                          ----------- IMPORTANT----------- Please download the link below. Print the form. You may complete it and submit on the day of your exam.