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Application Process


The seminary is accepting students for incoming First Year and Second Year High School Students as well as incoming College Students.

How to apply:
1. Entrance Examination every Saturday from 8:30am to 12nn. A fee of Php100.00 is required. The exam includes IQ and Psychological tests.
2. The next and last phase will be the orientation and interview. This is an overnight experience of the seminary.
3. Basic Requirements:

Birth Certificate
Parents' Marriage Contract
Medical Certificate
Baptismal Certificate
Confirmation Certificate
Latest Grades (photocopy or original)
Recommendation Letter from the Parish Priest
Recommendation from the School (seminary provides this form)
3 pcs. of 2x2 Pictures

How to apply:

1. Entrance Examination is open every Saturday from 8:00am to 12nn from January to April.
A fee of Php100.00 is required.

2. The next and last phase will be the orientation and interview.

3. Basic Requirements:- Baptismal Certificate- Latest Grades- Recommen…

5 Wells of Seminary Formation

Five Wells of Seminary Life
AD SUPERNA SEMPER INTENTI. This Latin motto of the seminary is translated in English as "To always aim for the best." The five wells of seminary life spells out out the whole program of seminary formation in order to achieve this goal. The five wells captures in essence and in concrete terms the four pillars of integral seminary formation namely: the human, intellectual, spiritual and pastoral formation.

The seminarian grows in a community. He eats, chats and gain friends. To meet the basic needs for growth,family guidance and human maturity is also sought.

The seminarian is also nourished by the spiritual food of the Eucharist and prayer. Drawn by the love of God, his daily prayers, masses and his friendship with Christ becomes the center of his formation.

Competence in studies include develpment of study habits, communication skills, passion to learn, and engaging knowledge to faith and life's realities. These a…

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